A Little Trip to Florida

This last week I made a little trip down to Florida for work, but as always I can’t go somewhere and at least not get out for a little bit and this was no exception. I have posted a video and a picture of some food on Facebook, but I like to leave a few pictures for my blog. I have found that this blog is more about sharing my adventures through the photos then the photos themselves. In the pictures below I went to a place called Fort Desoto, it was a very neat place with a cool pier and ofcourse a fort. I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoy the adventuring and taking the photos.

To be honest there wasn’t much left of the fort and it was covered by plant and vegetation, but I thought this red door was kind of neat because it stood out from the rest so I decided to make it stand out. This door was the only real thing of any color at all.

                                               This is one of the many cannons that were around the fort…I believe there were 6 all together that were left…big guns.

                                                                                                                                       Looking down the barrel.

                         This was a tree that was kind of just over the burm…all that vegetation is on top of the fort. I used a slight green strok in this picture for post processing

      There were a lot of these birds flying all around the pier…I finally caught one that would kind of stand still for me…forgive me but I don’t know birds so I don’t  know what kind it is.

                                  This was just a sail boat out on the water in the distance…I really liked how the water shimmered and just seeing the boat off in the distance.

 To be honest I don’t know what this was, but assume it was part of the fort at one, but I do know one thing there was a bird living at the top….it was just a very neat structure just there.

This was the only day I was really able to get out so I made the best of it…the St. Petersburg area was very pretty and everyone seemed very fun…I guess I have another place to check off the box of adventure.

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